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DogLover 2022-12-18 22:52

Ok! Thanks for the info Secundus! 😀

Secundus 2022-12-17 16:41

I created a test group so I could answer this question:
So, go to your group's page. Then choose one of the options on the right, "Edit this group"
Then at the bottom of the next page after clicking, you see written "Invited users:" and to the right of that, a text box.
Then type into the textbox the names of the users you want to invite. If you typed correctly, the system will find them.
Then be sure to click "Save Group"

Cali2022 2022-12-17 16:05

Hey!! DOES anyone know how to invite people? I made a group and want to invite all of u!

Secundus 2022-12-13 02:33

I read your comment again and now I think I understand better. I'm sorry that I misunderstood you.

But since I don't have any private groups or any groups, I don't know the answer. Maybe there is an option in your group that says "Edit group" or something like that.

Hopefully someone here who has more experience with groups will notice this.

Secundus 2022-12-13 02:21

I was simply trying to explain that invitations are only for private groups. If it's a public group there isn't any way to invite anyone, because anyone can join. I was trying to answer your question, "how do you invite people?"

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