If you hate Christmas, and hate it with a great passion, (and all of those other pagan holidays like Easter, Halloween, Ect...), this is DEFINITELY the group for you! :)

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Cali2022 2023-03-14 19:40

That’s what I asked them!!!!! 🤔

sillylily 2023-03-14 13:41

why did you create a group saying you hate Cristmas and Easter . Jesus was born and we celebrate that on Cristmas , then Jesus rose from the dead on easter

Carla_Bryant 2023-01-01 03:53

Thank you for the answer, Lne. And good question, DogLover, I'm curious too.

DogLover 2022-12-31 23:39

One other question, Why is Easter on the list? It is when Jesus rose from the grave and saved us all.

Lne 2022-12-22 19:38

What I meant is that I believe the Bible. And the at least I try part was supposed to mean that I at least try to obey the Bible. Sorry it was so confusing.

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