CJC Passaic Christian Education Bible Warriors Warrior is a basic ideal, pattern of thinking and behaving. Becoming a warrior is an achievement of character and discipline. What are the characteristics of the Christian Education Bible Warrior? • A Bible Warrior is assertive, active and energized. He or she is clear minded, strategic, and alert. • A Bible Warrior knows the importance of fasting and praying. • A Bible Warrior is disciplined in the area of regular Bible study. • A Bible Warrior assesses both his own resources and skills and those arrayed against him. He is constantly learning from others. • A Bible Warrior is devoted to scripture causes he judges to be more important and greater than himself or any personal relationships or gain. Having confronted his own lack of scripture knowledge, a Bible Warrior knows how precious and important Bible knowledge is and studies it with a serious attitude. • The Bible Warrior ideal needs specific conditions to be realized successfully. Newcomers need to experience a complete process from training through proving. The process begins early in developing the skills and awareness of Bible Warriorhood. Newcomers are tested in numerous ways. Their ultimate test traditionally comes in scripture battle competitions. If they survive, the test must be repeated as long as they are able to serve. Through that survival and successful service, they prove themselves worthy of being deemed one of CJC Passaic’s CE Bible Warriors. • A Bible Warrior knows what he is fighting to preserve—the idea of the importance of studying the Holy Bible. • A Bible Warrior knows he belongs. He receives honor and blessings for the service. • The Bible Warrior willingly provides gained knowledge and blesses his church community with his devotion and willingness to sacrifice his time and energy, if necessary.

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