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7 Sep 2020


Worm earned Consistent learner - level 4

joosep 2020-09-07 03:40

just saying hello and ... praise the Lord, for that good accomplishment :)

onfire247 2020-09-07 05:18


JDJDJD 2020-09-11 22:02

Well Done. That’s quite an achievement. Hope you are being blessed as you spend time in God’s Word.

Wv 2020-09-11 23:30

Great job, Worm!

MrsSpooner 2020-09-12 22:55


6 Sep 2020

Worm posted a comment on Luli2016's activity

Worm 2020-09-06 08:14

Janet, I do know Luli's story and would never wish to offend her. In an effort to have some privacy on here I signed up anonymously. I would much prefer to have signed up with my own name, and keep my learning private, but that's not the deal on here, and I understand that. But I can see how anonymity can be problematic. Not only do other people not know who they're communicating with, but one's own persona can change. No more anonymous learning for me. I'm going to use a paper system from now on. Blessings on you all. Especially you and Luli. And blessings on your Lord's Day. X

5 Sep 2020

Worm posted a comment on Luli2016's activity

Worm 2020-09-05 23:24

I'm not faulting Luli2016.
I'm praising God for giving Luli2016 (and me, and you, onfire247 and JDJDJD) all the environmental and social circumstances which have enabled such an achievement.
"What have we, that we have not received from God?"

Worm posted a comment on Luli2016's activity

Worm 2020-09-05 23:16

My sincere apologies to Luli2016! I've just re-read this and it COULD sound as you say - rather judgmental. It was a not very good attempt at a sort of poetic prose, in the style of the Anglican collects, but I suppose it would have been better put "[so let us all] be thankful for x, y and z", rather than suggest that Luli2016 wasn't grateful. I was responding to Luli2016's own comment "I don’t really deserve such praise... I don’t think of it as my achievement." It suggested to me all the wonderful implications that I mentioned - that Luli2016 (and all of us who are daily logging into this) has been given by God sufficient peace, prosperity, quietness, private time, mental ability and freedom to learn a new verse each day. Halleluia!

Worm posted a comment on Luli2016's activity

Worm 2020-09-05 07:42

There is so much more to be thankful for in this achievement Luli2016. You evidently don't live in a war zone, or a place where you would be constantly moved or interrupted, as by flooding waters, or hunger. Be thankful for peace. You can obviously afford to pay for your tech equipment and your connection. Be thankful for your level of wealth. Your can read, see and move your fingers, and have the mental capacity to remember these words. Be thankful for such health. You have the freedom to use a phone or computer, unlike our hidden sisters and brothers in say an oppressive false religion or political system. Be thankful for that freedom. You evidently have spare time and are probably not walking 10 miles to a well each day, or threshing your own wheat by hand, and taking your clothes to the river to wash, as well as looking after 6 or 8 children all at home or begging. Be thankful for that. You get my drift. This is a luxury we owe our lives for, as others have given their lives for this in the past.

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