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26 Jan 2020


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4 Jan 2015

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teencalvinist 2015-01-04 02:20

I look back to this group which I created, now in the fullness of the Christian faith in Orthodox Christianity, and I am disgusted how I believed and was devoted to such a man-made, heretical doctrine as Calvinism. However, all of Reformed theology is man-made and makes the Bible subjective and relativistic. Although it is the final authority for the Christian, it has no final interperetation in Protestantism. Protestants find themselves consulting their favorite commentator or book when interpereting the Bible. Orthodox Christianity, which saw no Reformation, has maintained the same Traditions handed down by Christ and the Apostles for 2,000+ years. I am finally home. God bless - Ex-calvinistteen.

13 Dec 2014

27 Jan 2014


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