LearnScripture.net has been designed for phones from the start. Just visit the website in your device's web browser and it will work, and adapt to the smaller screen. For Android phones, install the app for easy access.

The number of different devices makes it impossible for to guarantee that the site works perfectly, but we try our best. Please report bugs with any devices less than 3 years old.

Please note the following:

  • To make the most of the space some controls appear at the bottom of the page and you may have to scroll down to see them. These controls appear in a column on the right on larger screens.
  • For most phones it will be best if you turn off animations in your preferences.
  • Lots of devices seem to have problem with the keyboard-based testing. You should use the On screen buttons method for testing, which is the default, and can be set in your preferences.

Additional information and tips for specific devices and browsers:

iPhone and iPad

You can add a home screen icon for quick access to the LearnScripture app as follows:

  • Go to the dashboard page.
  • Hit '+' and select “Add to Home Screen

Here's a video to help you do this (for any website).

Android phones

Install the Learn Scripture app! This app simply provides a more convenient way to access the site - without the normal address bar getting in the way. Don't forget to review and rate the app, which will promote LearnScripture.net and help other people find it.

If you don't want to install the app, you can add a home screen icon for quick access to the LearnScripture site as follows:

  • Go to the dashboard page.
  • Bring up the phone menu and bookmark the page.
  • On some phones, change “Add To” to “Home Screen”, press “OK” and you are done.
  • On other phones, you then need to:
    • Go to the home screen you want to add the link to.
    • Long-press in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu.
    • Select “Shortcuts”.
    • Select “Bookmark” and choose the bookmark you just created.

Chrome for Android

Google Chrome on Android has some bugs that can cause issues when using the main learning interface with keyboard testing. It's best to use the "On screen buttons" method. Better than that, it's recommended that you use the builtin Android web browser instead, or, even better, the Learn Scripture app.


LearnScripture.net doesn't work correctly on any models of BlackBerry that we have tested so far, due to limitations of the provided browsers. Sorry! (If you have a recent BlackBerry and have had success, please let us know!) You, however, can get Opera Mini for the BlackBerry, which supports the site with a rather slow user experience - see below.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a "thin client" browser that is not really intended for an interactive application like LearnScripture.net. However, most of the site, including the main learning interface, does work on Opera Mini, although with a much slower interaction than on a proper web browser. You will need to press "Enter" to have each word checked when testing, instead of "Space", and will need to click back into the text box after each word, due to limitations of the browser.