The easiest way to memorize the Word of God online.

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“...finally something profitable on the internet that I can get addicted to...”Default-N

Easy to use

We try to make sure that your effort is spent memorizing the Bible, and not figuring out what to do next or trying to track your progress.


No need to install anything, it works with any recent browser, and no problems if something happens to your computer.

Proven system

Based on principles from the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System and other proven techniques for memory strengthening, we’ve added some 21st century refinements to produce an extremely efficient method.

Great for phones

The interface has been designed to adapt to small screens, so you can use the same web site from your desktop, laptop or other internet capable device, including most recent smart-phones

Child friendly

With a choice of fun interface themes and a memorization method which works well with all ages, we’ve made sure that children will have no problem using the site. (Parents have to create accounts though).


Our groups, leaderboards, comments, points and badges features are great for keeping things fun, addictive and motivational! You can also add and share your own sets of verses to learn — perfect for church or friendship groups who want to learn the same thing.


All aspects of the site are free for everyone. Since we are also keeping the site free of ads, we cover our costs entirely by donations.


You can find out more or just jump in.


  • Depends on device capabilities.
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