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How do I opt out/unsubscribe?

You can control the frequency of all the emails we send you under your account settings.

Can I delete or deactivate my account?

Because of the way that activities on the site are public (as indicated on the site), and interact with other people (e.g. comments, awards etc.), we cannot delete accounts without damaging other peoples' experiences. Your interactions with other people belong to them as much as to you.

If you do not want to use your account, simply turn off your email notifications and stop using it. Email notifications are turned off automatically after 3 months if there is no account activity.

However, if absolutely necessary we can deactivate accounts if you request it, which will hide your profile page, but not necessarily all traces of your account - news items and comments relating to your activity will remain. Deactivating therefore does not make a big difference.

How do I stop learning verses?

When the verse comes up for review and is presented to you for learning, from the Options button menu to the right of the verse reference, choose ‘Stop learning this’. Your progress will still be saved should you decide to come back to it. You can also choose ‘Reset progress’ to start from the beginning.

How do I review something when it’s not on my dashboard? calculates a review schedule for you automatically based on the principle of spaced repetition. But if you do want to review something outside of that, you can do so from your verse progress page.

I didn’t get my ‘recruiter’ badge!

The recruiter badge only works using the method described in the referral program. If it hasn’t worked, we're sorry that we won't be able to fix it up any other way, as we don't have the resources to know what actually happened or the time to look into this.

Where have the leaderboard and the “champion” awards gone?

You can still view group leaderboards, but the overall leaderboard has been removed, and the awards that went with it. We think that emphasising the points system and the leaderboards is not going to be a good source of long-lasting motivation for most people, because most people can't come anywhere near the top. We are therefore phasing out these things. Instead, we are trying to focus on things that relate more directly to intrinsic motivation, such as showing people their current “streak”, and so rewarding commitment and endurance.

This ESV verse is different from my copy of the ESV...

There are various editions of the ESV available, both in printed copies and online, with slight differences between. The one we use is from an online service provided by ESV, which is sometimes different from what you can find on and we are not allowed to update it.

If you didn't find what you need, please contact us.  Some questions may be answered in our FAQ.