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15 Oct 2021


Saintman started learning Philippians 4

mrsmoo 2021-11-26 01:03

i jumped back to one of your earlier posts to reply to only you about your JOY and need for John 14. I thank you for triggering such an important memory for me. John 14 brings such tears to my heart.... and i could have missed it. Not long after my youngest son died i started a painful task to clear some clutter in his room. While going through a stack of high school spiral notebooks--- ugh --- i thumbed through the pages--- just in case---- but tossed one across the room toward the black garbage bag near the door. Halfway across the room, the notebook hung in the air for an awkward amount of time. Then the pages fanned open, and the notebook dropped straight down. I knew i had just witnessed something... well... unreal. As i walked over I saw my son's handwriting in the turquoise pen he "borrowed" John 14: 23-24 written several times.... clearly memory practice for school. What a treasure.... I give thanks for that miraculous blessing. I could have missed that treasure. The paper- now old and yellowed stays in the Bible by my bed. And the scripture gives great comfort to an old woman. "Do not let your hearts be troubled...."

When i joined this site two years ago, John 14:23-24 was one of the very first i added. In time, I added more verses of John 14 just as you mentioned until i worked all the way thru. This chapter speaks to my heart and i love to review it. Romans 8:28 was also one of my early verses to learn. I am embarrassed to admit that i had to have the emotional fog lifted before i made the connection to my son's death on August 28.

BUT GOD...... is so good.... so patient.... and loves each of us so much.

Thank you for allowing me to share my John 14 miracle with you
I will think and pray for you each time i read that chapter.
May you continue to find peace and JOY as you store God's Word in your heart.

joosep 2021-11-26 04:57

Beautiful story, mrsmoo ... beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

MrsSpooner 2021-11-26 08:59

God bless you mrmoo.

JDJDJD 2021-11-26 11:37

Thanks for sharing. 💕 A lovely story.

Saintman 2021-11-27 05:01

Thank you, MrsMoo. That personal story was heart warming, and I appreciate your prayers.

mrsmoo 2021-11-27 14:02

It is an honor to pray for my brothers and sisters..... To God be the glory.... we need HIM every hour.

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