DogLover 2022-12-24 19:08

Cheated on what?

KC49425 2019-05-03 14:28

May you put this in so that if people cheated, this link will send them to another club so that other people can encourage each other to stop cheating.
If you do, thanks!

Samson 2015-07-05 01:19

Soldier i didn't know you cheated? O0O

Samson 2015-07-05 01:16

I have good memory and don't like any cheating so perfect group for me. ^_^

KnowledgeAndGrace 2015-04-08 07:09

Having a photographic memory makes cheating pure laziness on my part. I'll be here until the Day of the Lord's wrath.

Soldierforthelord 2014-08-11 03:34

I have cheated, so I guess I can't join


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