LearnScripture.net has been designed for phones and tablets from the start. Just visit the website in your device's web browser and it will work, and adapt to the smaller screen. For a nicer, app-like experience, you can also choose to "Add to Home Screen" in many mobile browsers.

All features are available on devices with smaller screens, but the layout of pages may be different due to reduced space.

Additional information and tips for specific devices and browsers:

iPhone and iPad

You can add a home screen icon for quick access to the LearnScripture app as follows:

  • Go to the dashboard page.
  • Hit '+' and select “Add to Home Screen

Here's a video to help you do this (for any website).

Android phones

Simply use your normal phone web browser. We regularly test with Chrome and Firefox, and these are known to work well.

You can also use "Install to home screen" or "Add to home screen" functionality you can find in the browser menus. This will create an app icon on your home screen. Use this to start LearnScipture, and you'll get a better experience - the address bar at the top will be hidden, so you get more space on the screen for the app.


  • Depends on device capabilities.
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