Awarded for starting to learn verses. Level 1 is for 1 verse, going up to level 9 for the whole Bible.


Highest level achieved so far: Level 8

Level 8

Learning at least 10000 verses.

Total 1 user(s):

Level 7

Learning at least 3000 verses.

Total 4 user(s):

Level 6

Learning at least 1000 verses.

Total 19 user(s), including:

Level 5

Learning at least 300 verses.

Total 83 user(s), including:

Level 4

Learning at least 100 verses.

Total 239 user(s), including:

Level 3

Learning at least 30 verses.

Total 753 user(s), including:

Level 2

Learning at least 10 verses.

Total 1910 user(s), including:

Level 1

Learning at least one verse.

Total 6338 user(s), including:

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