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Name Jon Zenor
Started using site 20 Mar 2019


31 Aug 2022

FinalAsgard posted a comment on onfire247's activity

FinalAsgard 2022-08-31 21:14

2 years!??! That's awesome! Congrats :)

29 Aug 2022

FinalAsgard posted a comment on 0 Excuses Left's wall

FinalAsgard 2022-08-29 16:04

Hey guys, long time no see. I haven't really done anything here since I broke my streak on day 89...

The last week or 2 of my streak, I was doing this just for the streak and not for the love of it. I was overwhelmed and burned out. So I took a break, but I miss memorizing God's Word, so I'm back!

Something interesting was said at church yesterday, he said that sometimes we can completely have a change of heart to doing the same action, if we stop for a minute and think about the person we are doing this for. My application is that when we don't just jump into "Time to memorize scripture!" and instead take a minute to think about *what* it is that I am about to memorize, and *why*, because it draws me closer to God, and who is he? What does this all mean? Then the same action of memorizing scripture suddenly has a much bigger importance than just checking it off the list.

Do not worry! We all need breaks from time to time. :)

30 Jun 2022

FinalAsgard posted a comment on Leaderboard group for everyone's wall

FinalAsgard 2022-06-30 23:18

Oh no! Only 9 months away from getting the highest level at 3 years! That would be crushing indeed, but you're keeping up with the study so that's good!

FinalAsgard posted a comment on Hannahfaith's activity

FinalAsgard 2022-06-30 23:14


FinalAsgard posted a comment on Leaderboard group for everyone's wall

FinalAsgard 2022-06-30 15:24

That is true. The benefit of memorizing scripture daily is not lost because I miss a day. I'm using this as a break to catch up. The last 2 weeks I was just adding a new verse everyone day to keep the streak alive but was still stuck with my main focus working on the previous chapter. So now, I'm catching up, and I anticipate starting to add new verses again next week, and then see if I can break my 88 day streak record. :D

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