This is a for anyone that has a consistent learner badge, or is just seeking to be consistent in their learning of scripture, so we can encourage one another. So if you are learning verses every week - or every month - or every year - then you are still being consistent. You are steadily growing.

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EileenS 2022-05-15 22:39

Jappel - this group is for anyone who is consistent in their learning scripture. Look at what you’ve accomplished. Just because you aren’t doing a new verse every day, you are consistent in your fashion. Presumably you are memorizing verses every week - or month - or year. That is so great! Many people aren’t memorizing any verses!

Jappel 2022-04-18 14:39

I am hoping to go as long as possible, but I know I will never be able to get a any longer than an average of 6-8 months, maybe not even that. I am involved with a few camps, the calendar, and other stuff. That is kind of depressing to think about, but I hope that one day I will be able to get a long streak.

onfire247 2021-07-21 12:46

Good advice, Eileen. I am in central time zone as well. I usually do my memorization in the morning (CST), but sometimes I cannot due to my busy schedule. To avoid losing my streak, I set an alarm for every day that goes off at 2 PM as a reminder for me to add a new verse. I have been caught by the calendar as well, so as a sanity check, I go to the website and confirm that it shows one new verse at the top.

EileenS 2021-07-21 11:00

For what it’s worth, once I figured out the “time zone” of the UTC calendar, that’s the time when I add a new verse.

For example, the new ‘day’ starts in the central time zone at 6pm during daylight saving time, but at 7 pm standard time. So I just have a calendar reminder set for 7 pm year round to remind me it’s time to learn a new verse. Because once in a while I’ve “goofed” and learned a new verse an hour ahead of time, realized that I should have waited, then had to add a second verse for the day in order to keep my learning streak going.

So no matter what time zone you are actually in, just go to a web browser and type in 12 am GMT to (whatever your time zone is) and it will give you the time when the new ‘day’ starts for in the GMT time zone for your time zone. And again, if you’re finding this information out during daylight saving time, just add an hour to your time so you’ll know when the new day starts for standard time. So then you can start the same time year round.

Hope this helps you.

And even if you do accidentally break your streak, this group is here for you, because your desire is to be consistent, and God knows your heart. The intent is to encourage you in your journey in learning God’s word.

JDJDJD 2021-07-20 21:03

☹️ Can definitely relate to that Janet23.

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