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25 May 2023

onfire247 posted a comment on CelesteS's activity

onfire247 2023-05-25 18:13

Great job, Celeste!

onfire247 posted a comment on MarkAnthony's activity

onfire247 2023-05-25 18:12

Keep it up!

23 May 2023

onfire247 posted a comment on treeswallow's activity

onfire247 2023-05-23 14:09

Yes, congrats!

22 May 2023

onfire247 posted a comment on MrsSpooner's activity

onfire247 2023-05-22 19:52

That's awesome, MrsSpooner!

Regarding the review queue, sometimes it is good to combine sets to maintain your mental sanity. For example, I have almost 70 sets for the book of John. As a result, my review queue goes on for days, and it was depressing to look at sometimes. Since perception is reality, I decided to change the perception. So I combined those 70 sets into 21 chapter sets. Eventually, I created sets that were several chapters long, reducing John to 5 sets. My review queue now looks a lot more manageable.

Sometimes you also just have to perform triage on your review queue. There is no rule that says every verse you learn must go to 100% completion. There is also no rule that says you must review a verse tomorrow that you learned today. There is no need to put that pressure on yourself. If you need to put aside some verses to fit your schedule, go for it. Memorizing is hard, but it need not be a chore.

Personally, I like learning a new verse every day even if I don't keep them all actively on the path to mastery. I like that no matter how my day looks or my review queue looks, I'm going to learn something new today. I do not, however, review the verse the next day as most probably do. Instead, I prefer to begin reviewing them as a set once the section has been learned. I find that the verses stick better in memory when they are memorized in context with the section. I end up doing the same amount of work but just all at once instead of spread out across several days.

So, for example, I am currently in Romans 2. The first set is vv. 1-16. I found that it is easy to spread that section into vv. 1-11 and vv. 12-16. So for the first 11 days, I will learn one verse per day until the section is complete with no subsequent reviews on the following days. Once I reach the 11th verse, I will cram that section the next day, reviewing it over and over until I make no mistakes that day. The next day I will repeat the process for 12 while reviewing the previous section. So today, for example, from this hypothetical situation I will do the following in this order:

1. Learn Romans 2:12
2. Review Romans 2:1-11 multiple times
3. Review Luke 15
4. Review Romans 1
5. Review any John verses that have come up for review
6. Review any individual verses that have come up for review

This is all time permitting, of course. For example, the last few days I have done my new verse and no reviews because I've been sick. Today, I'll start my reviews again after my new verse is done. No stress, no mess.

No one process fits all. Pick and choose what works for you. We have lots of great users who find success with different processes and memorization philosophies. Just make sure your process avoids the stress which leads to burnout.

onfire247 posted a comment on Minibakey's activity

onfire247 2023-05-22 18:58

Congrats, Minibakey! What was the first verse you mastered?

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