LearnScripture.net is designed to be flexible and adjust to almost any kind of usage. However, you will get the most out of your Bible memorisation if you have a pattern that you stick to.

Here is what we suggest for starters:

Pick a target number of verses to learn per week. For many people, 7 new verses a week (1 new verse a day) is realistic (although that may seem a lot at first!). For this example, we'll assume one new verse a day.

Find some verse sets you are interested in, or create your own, and use the interface to learn the first verse.

Then, each day, come back to the dashboard and work down it:

  • First review any verses listed for review
  • Then click 'Learn' to learn one new verse
  • or choose a new verse set if you have run out of verses to learn.

With a program of one new verse per day, you will start accumulating more verses to review each day. As you progress with each verse, it will be seen less and less often until it is eventually retired - typically after one year, when you will have been tested about 20 times on that verse.

This means that with the one verse a day program, you will eventually level out at having about 20 verses to review each day, which will take about 10 -15 minutes to get through, in addition to the new verse which takes one or two minutes.

If you don't get through all your review each day, you may find that verses are not really going in your long term memory, so it's best not to overstretch yourself at the beginning. Use this table to work out how much time you want to spend:


Programme Number of verses to review each day (eventually) Time spent per day
3 new verses a week (one every other day) 10 6-8 minutes
7 new verses a week (one every day) 20 12-15 minutes
14 new verses a week (two every day) 40 25-30 minutes



For God's word to do you good, you need to be thinking about it as well as learning it. Why not make your new verse something to meditate on during the day?

A good way to get the truth of the verse into your system is to turn it into prayer and praise. Ask "How does this verse help me to worship God?"


Stepping it up

Once you are comfortable with the learning process, you could increase the amount you are learning each day.

Alternatively, you could have a go at a longer passage, either as a replacement for your normal program or in addition. There are lots of great Psalms that are good to weave into your Bible memorisation diet, and use in your private and public worship and praying.


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