LearnScripture uses the principle of spaced repetition to plan out the review and testing schedule for your verses.

After you have initially learnt a verse, it will come up on your dashboard for review within a few hours. It will then appear again after about a day, and you'll see it about 5 times within the first week. Then the gaps will keep increasing, until the verse is considered fully learnt after about 1 year, at which point it is retired and not tested any more.

In addition, LearnScripture uses your test scores to adjust the review schedule — if you score less than 100% for a verse it will be adjusted so that you see it again sooner, and it may take longer to reach the 'fully learnt' stage.

According to various studies, these gaps are an important part of the learning process. If you want to practice a verse or passage before it is due for review, you can do so from your verse progress page. This can be a good way to cram if you want to learn something more quickly with a deadline, but it probably won't help you get the verse into long term memory!

For passages, the review schedule is adjusted a bit, to help you learn the flow of the passage rather than individual verses:

  • When first learning a passage, you might be shown verses that you already know just to read, without being tested.
  • Once you pass a threshold of learning, verses within a section will be grouped together, and you'll be tested on them all together. (These sections are specified by the person who put the passage set together).
  • In the later stages of learning, you'll have the choice to review one section or the entire passage in one go.

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