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23 Nov 2020


Phinehas earned Consistent learner - level 4

MrsSpooner 2020-11-23 04:08

Nice one Phinehas. 👍

Phinehas 2020-11-23 04:27

Thank you MrsSpooner :)

PeterP 2020-11-23 06:35

Congratulations! God bless you as you learn his word consistently.

Phinehas 2020-11-23 08:25

Thank you!

onfire247 2020-11-29 15:07

I know first hand how tough it is to be consistent for that long. Your dedication speaks volumes about you and your desire to serve God fully. Congrats!

Symota 2020-11-29 19:51

Well done, Phinehas, in showing such commitment to memorizing God’s Word!

JDJDJD 2020-11-29 21:20

Well done. That’s really great commitment!

Phinehas 2020-11-30 09:45

I appreciate those comments! I'll only say, that consistency pays off. I pray that I and we all could continue being consistent

skywind1 2020-11-30 10:36

Consistency does pay off-it's the sticking to it that's difficult.

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