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27 Jun 2021


Wv reached 50,000,000 points

onfire247 2021-06-27 15:03

This achievement is an external reflection of your hard work and dedication to the Word of God. I commend you on it!

mrsmoo 2021-06-27 17:20

... and i will just add.... WOWIE!!!

Symota 2021-06-27 18:34

Blessings to you, Wv, for treasuring so much of God’s Word in your heart. Congratulations! 👏🏽

joosep 2021-06-28 02:31

praise the Lord, that's a very nice milestone to achieve!

MrsSpooner 2021-06-28 05:21

Amazing Wv - praise God for his wonderful scriptures.

PeterP 2021-06-28 06:05


Goodnews 2021-06-28 10:38

Wow!wow!wow! Wonderful achievement!🎊🎉

uvance 2021-06-28 11:04

Thank you for your testimony

Wv 2021-06-28 12:01

Thank you for your kind encouragement!

JDJDJD 2021-06-28 21:44

Oh that’s fantastic! You don’t often see scores that high! You’ve been working hard on hiding God’s word in your heart. Stay blessed 🎉

Wv 2021-06-29 00:53

Thank you!

TheMoviegoer 2021-06-29 03:38

Wv, you have given everyone 50 million more reasons to keep memorizing. And it isn't really about the points. It is about what the points represent. Good, solid, consistent, time being spent learning God's word. How can that be anything but a tremendously encouraging testimony! Keep it up. Hope I'm still around to seen you hit 100 million!

joosep 2021-06-29 03:59


JDJDJD 2021-06-29 22:19


Wv 2021-06-29 23:56

Thank you so much! To God be the glory!

Wv 2021-06-29 23:56

Thank you so much! To God be the glory!

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