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BanthaBoss posted a comment on Christmas Haters!'s wall

BanthaBoss 2014-10-19 21:02

That's what everyone says. I'm interested in what you call it.

BanthaBoss posted a comment on Christmas Haters!'s wall

BanthaBoss 2014-10-19 11:06

And for whether or not something is wrong with me.
No, I have numerous intellectual achievements I could list if needed. However whether or not something is wrong with someone should not effect how you treat someone in the first place.

BanthaBoss posted a comment on Christmas Haters!'s wall

BanthaBoss 2014-10-19 11:02

As any bilingual person will tell you, there can normally be numerous translations. So go any by any bible not in its original language will yield inaccuracies. Making the idea of discriminating against an english bible ridiculous (I'm going to assume you're natively english).
Also, just as I'm interested in doing some more research into your beliefs what type of christian are you?
Not gonna even try and defend catholics as I never liked the saint thing anyway.
Faulting christmas purely because it is catholic, pretty sure that is an ad hominem fallacy against catholics.
Church is the only bit of christmas that only christians do, atheists aren't just hermits who sit around all day wearing fedoras. They do pretty much everything theists do except go to church and pray.
Most christians who go to church on christmas do church weekly as well. Except for those who are disabled who cannot attend weekly will often try and attend church on holidays like christmas.
How would you give a gift to jesus though? I know many people who I communicate with primarily through the internet and not through physical means. I can't give them something physical, so I merely tell them happy birthday and try to be extra nice to them that day.

BanthaBoss posted a comment on Christmas Haters!'s wall

BanthaBoss 2014-10-19 02:18

I'll just skip over longliveKJBs post as it was lacking in several areas.

Born again christians and catholics both go off of the same book (albeit the catholic one having slightly more books in the old testament). Also catholics have been around over a millennia before born again protestants split off of it, so unsurprisingly pretty much any christian thing from before the last centuries was done by catholics.
The "worshipping God in way he did not perscribe" bit I addressed in my last post, complete with scripture refs.
Some of these things you claim it represents appear to be just innacurate. The ones on worldliness seems vaguely right and I can see where that one came from, and possibly idolatry and covetousness as well since it can be applied to most anything. However the bondage and rebellion ones don't seem to apply so elaborate on how they apply please.
And for your final sentence. I always viewed evil as heing something that hurt someone else normally for personal gain.

(a nice big space to symbolize I'm addressing the next post)

I've heard atheists (just gonna address religions individually as the word pagan is too broad and means different things to different people) say that so I understand that completely. However from my experience they are simply doing the Christian christmas just without the christian elements like church and whatnot. Most wouldn't even know of christmases history :P
I likely will look more into this. However on the searching the scriptures bit I'm the only person here who has referenced scripture directly instead of just saying how they interpret parts of the bible.
This whole idea of dismissing a holiday because the date is wrong just seems ridiculous. When the exact date will likely be forever unknown.

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