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SBarker 2019-02-07 00:19

I am sorry this is probably not the place for such a comment. Please disregard my last message. Thanks!

SBarker 2019-01-24 00:57

@spookylukey - I stumbled across a group titled "the Dumb homeschoolers LOL". Being a homeschooling child, I was very offended. Is it possible for you to add a report button for such cases. Thanks 😃

joosep 2019-01-18 03:46

@spookeylukey : Would it be possible to add a fourth column of data to the leaderboards, showing Verses Fully Learnt?

Robinshe 2019-01-01 11:03

@spookeylukey - A suggestion concerning MrsJuanCorderos comment under, which I think might be relevant for a number of us here as people begin to fully complete not only individual verses but whole passages and chapters:

Maybe you could create a whole "section" in the dashboard for passages that are fully learned? So there would be 3 section: Review, Learn and Completed (I´m not sure you need Choose as a separate section, since it´s an easy choice to find at the top of the page, although maybe that´s just because I´ve been here long enough to know.) But that way people could review "fully learned" passages whenever they feel like it, and it also gives us a "bookshelf" to "collect" passages we have learned, giving a sense of accomplishment and easy reference instead of them just disappearing. Perhaps with an option to move the passage back to "Review", resetting progress for every verse in the passage to 50%? The completed section doesn´t have to appear for people who don´t have at least one passage fully completed, so as not to clutter the dashboard unnecessarily.

Just an idea...

MrsJuanCordero 2018-12-27 21:15

I have a quick question: I recently reached a point where I am fairly regularly reaching "fully learnt" on several passages. I understand that I will no longer be tested on those, but I am worried about *never* reviewing them again. Is there a method to ensure I can check back in every once in a while, without having to scroll through my verse progress list whenever I want to review something? This is not being lazy, it would just be hard to make sure I was hitting everything again. What happens if I reset my progress on a passage that is at 100%?

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