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ChatCat01 2021-05-25 23:03

Or I would use something to complement your study, like Quizlet or Anki, and just practice it every few days a couple of times to keep it more fresh

randazz065 2021-05-25 18:18

that should read ''three horizontal lines''

randazz065 2021-05-25 18:13

I suggest going to the verse progress tab by clicking the down arrow by your name in the upper right. Locate the verse you're having trouble with, again in verse progress. On the right hand side there is a little box with three horizontal likes, click that and it gives you the option to practice the verse alone or if is in a subset with the context it's in. Practicing that way does not add to, or subtract, from your percentage, but you can practice 'til you're happy with your recall.

onfire247 2021-05-25 14:45

I am looking for other peoples advice that have been here for a while on an issue I've noticed. Today, my reviews brought up John 4. I did poorly on verse 35, and I ended up getting 0% on the review. But because my percentage is at 91%, my next review is at 3 months. If I got 0% today, chances are good that I'm going to get 0% on that same verse three months from now. This basically means that I'll never master this verse. How do you guys handle this?

onfire247 2021-05-13 13:14

It is indeed 24 hours. If you are interested in getting it, I suggest you write down the twenty four hours somewhere, and just cross them off when you do it on one of those hours. Honestly, it is easier than you would think if you track it.

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