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onfire247 2021-12-23 14:19

I had an interesting thing happen today. I had a verse set that covered John 17:14-26. I found that chunk to be too large, so I split it into two groups. That group ended up becoming John 17:22-26. But because I had already learned it, it was saying that there were 12 verses even though it was only 5. This has happened before, and the way to resolve it is to go into my verse set and stop learning it (assuming that it is a private passage, which it is) and start learning it again.

When I went to stop, it warned me "are you sure you want to stop learning John 7:45-17:26." I found that odd since that would be beyond even what the website would allow. When I stopped learning that set, my streak went to zero. This was even more odd since it should have been around 200 even if that chunk of scriptures was removed. Thankfully, when I added the new John 17:22-26 passage back my streak returned. I also had some problems connecting to the website this morning, but that was brief and likely not related.

onfire247 2021-08-07 12:40

Thanks for the info. I have been using Anki myself for about 10 years, so I can attest to the value of it. It allowed me to spend significantly less time studying Greek and Hebrew when I was working on my Master's degree than the rest of my students. Not only that, I was about to retain about 95% of the material I studied even until this day.

I currently have about 20,000 flash cards across a multitude of subjects, and my decks keep growing larger every day. I use it to retain my IT knowledge, memorize quotes, and various facts of interest to me. My friends hate playing trivia with me, and a large part of my success is Anki. I also used the cloze system extensively, as well as setting up a cloze image system as well.

As joosep said, there is a learning curve but it is well worth the time to invest in it. It essentially uses the spaced repetition algorithms similar to this website. For instance, you create a flash card deck and start reviewing it. The first time you see a card, if you get it wrong you will see it again in 1 minute. If you get it right, you will see it in 10 minutes (intervals can vary depending on how the program is configured). If you get it wrong in 10 minutes, you go back to 1 minute. If you get it right at 10 minutes, you see it the next day. The intervals go up from there depending up on success (1 day, 3 days, 9 days, 27 days, 3 months, 9 months, 18 months, 3 years, etc.). I think my highest interval card is somewhere around 3 years.

The program has an extensive instruction manual ( and tons of great addons and resources (check out the Reddit Anki channel). There is a mobile version, but I find that the PC works best. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. It is powerful, flexible, and most importantly, free. People at my college called me the Anki evangelist.

joosep 2021-08-07 04:19

To ChatCat, and also to onfire247, I've lately begun using Anki to strengthen my weak verses. I share this if in case it's helpful to someone.

An important thing to keep in mind, however, is that Anki does have a learning curve -- you have to spend some time learning how to USE Anki before it really begins to benefit you.

What I have been doing with Anki is this: I create a "cloze" card for each passage I'm learning. As I review a passage here on LS dot net, I take note of any words which ended up in "red". (Based on this website's parameters). Then, I create a cloze test in Anki for each of those words. (I have one Anki card for each passage -- but multiple cloze tests for each card).

As I review on Anki those weak verses, I also make a point of reading the verse in question aloud, and emphasizing in my mind that word which had been in red when reviewed here on learnscripture.

There's also a specific Anki addon which is very helpful in doing this. It's called "Fill in the blanks -- Multiple typecloze support".

But I want to repeat, this idea is of the most benefit for someone who already uses Anki and knows how to navigate your way through it. For others, I'd say, it's up to you if it seems worthwhile to invest some extra time learning how to use a new program, in order to benefit your scripture memorization :)

If anyone has questions about this, I'll try to answer them here.

ChatCat01 2021-05-25 23:03

Or I would use something to complement your study, like Quizlet or Anki, and just practice it every few days a couple of times to keep it more fresh

randazz065 2021-05-25 18:18

that should read ''three horizontal lines''

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