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spookylukey 2018-11-30 11:38

@graetzmi23 - sorry for a slow reply.

I haven't made any significant changes to that. The exact requirements are pretty difficult to describe fully. The concept is simple in essence - there is 'curve' that you are moving along towards the '100%' mark. If you score 100% in tests every time, and are just learning a single verse, then you will gain about 5% progress every time you are tested, and be tested in every increasing intervals.

The first complication is what happens when you score less than 100%. In that situation, early on in the process you can still make good progress with mediocre scores (e.g. 80%), but later on you are expected to have learnt the verse much better to continue to make progress.

The second complication is passage learning which cause verses to be learnt together, which means that verses can be tested before their own individual schedule (because of other, 'weaker' verses that need testing sooner). When a verse is tested before its own schedule, you won't get 5% progress even if you score 100%.

These complexities could make it look like it has got easier (or harder)

graetzmi23 2018-09-17 11:52

Has it become easier to "fully learn" a verse? The requirements seem to be a little easier to get those last few percent.

spookylukey 2018-07-15 08:30

@JoeDaStriker - the weekly champion is really only attainable by a very small group of people, so it isn't motivating for the vast majority of users. So it was removed, to give room for other things that are more motivating.

JoeDaStriker 2018-07-15 01:46

Why was the weekly champion removed from the site

steve.shibley 2018-04-14 02:12

Thank you for your help. That's a helpful feature.

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