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Started using site 16 Feb 2015


23 Nov 2017

graetzmi23 created new verse set Psalm 130

22 Nov 2017

graetzmi23 started learning Psalm 23

20 Nov 2017

graetzmi23 posted a comment on Robinshe's activity

graetzmi23 2017-11-20 10:42

Well done! Keep it up.

17 Nov 2017

graetzmi23 posted a comment on graetzmi23's activity

graetzmi23 2017-11-17 07:11

Must be a bug. I didn't do anything special. I think it must be when I did some verses while my internet was down and left it open overnight and when I reconnected to the internet in the morning and finished the passage it registered the verses that I did the night before as having been done throughout the night somehow. Would be easy enough to reproduce if someone is interested in testing my theory who doesn't have the badge.

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32,000 8 Mar 2015

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