Group for all who enjoy a little friendly competition and find it fun to try and keep up points with others. A place to welcome and cheer on newcomers, as well as congratulate and encourage each other as we achieve various milestones.

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THECOLEU 2020-02-13 14:47

hey yall Im a part of a school so I learn verses every week so pray for me to do well

MrsSpooner 2020-01-21 00:26

Well done Messifan91! Love the enthusiasm and determination! Will be praying and cheering you on your scripture learning journey.

Messifan91 2020-01-20 22:29

Hello everyone, this is my first time on any kind of group like this, but I'm excited to learn scripture so that I can defend my faith to anyone who asks why I believe what I believe. I am a millennial and I have noticed a strong decline in Christians my age who are able to defend their faith in a culture so saturated with relativism. My first memory verse is 1 Peter 3:15, which says "But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you, yet doing so with gentleness and respect."

That was from memory!

Robinshe 2020-01-20 20:22

Agree, Phoenixx! Make yourself at home, good to have you here with us all! :-) Reminded of 1 John 1:3-4 - because of Christ, we have fellowship both with one another and with the Father... and John writes this to us so that our joy may be complete (ref Jooseps gratefulness!)

Phoenixx 2020-01-13 12:49

There are so many wonderful and active people on here! There's such a sense of community on here - truly a blessing ❤️

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